Saint Patrick Catholic Church

Sister Parish

San Jose el Tesoro

Yalpemech, Guatemala

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To find out more about our Sister Parish, please contact:

Rick Huebsch

Our mission to San Jose is founded on four main pillars: medicine, faith, education, and relationships.

Discern how God is calling you to serve: by praying for the people of San Jose, in providing for the needs of the village or going on a mission to the village to build upon the four pillars.

As Christians we believe that we are one body in Christ. If one part of the body is suffering, all parts of the body are suffering. As a member of that body, we are called every day to help and heal our brothers and sisters. God has given each of us special blessings, gifts, and abilities. Our gifts differ among each of us: some are blessed with the gift of healing, some with the gift of teaching, some with the gift of spiritual guidance, but all are blessed with the love of God in our hearts. There are many ways we can share these gifts and God’s love with our brothers and sisters in San Jose.
As the body of Christ, we are also called to be His hands and feet. Our hands and feet are made for action, to reach out and help each other and go to those in need. We can take action by folding our hands and praying for the people ofSan Jose, by reaching out our hands and providing for the needs of the village, and by stepping out and proceeding to San Jose to build a relationship with His people. Each of us is called to help in a variety of ways. What is your calling?







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If you are interested in learning more about our Sister Parish, please watch this video.