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Discipleship is a journey of the heart

We empower those in the Becoming Catholic Ministry into discipleship by exposing Jesus to them and encouraging them to build a relationship with Him through facilitation of self discovery utilizing three key elements: understanding the faith, the opening of the scriptures, and the deepening of living out our call - and the witness to others.

The Becoming Catholic Ministry accommodates the needs of the people, meeting them where they are and walking with them just like Jesus walks with us each and every day.

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“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”
-Saint Augustine
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Becoming Catholic Order of Christian Initiation

Why should I become Catholic?

Becoming Catholic Ministry - Order of Christian Initiation offers a rich spiritual tradition rooted in centuries of history, providing a deep wellspring of wisdom and guidance for navigating life's journey. Through the sacraments, liturgy, and teachings of the Catholic Church, individuals find profound opportunities for encountering God's presence and growing in faith. Joining the Catholic Church opens the door to a global community of believers, united in worship, prayer, and service, offering support and fellowship on the path to holiness. Embracing Catholicism means embracing a faith that emphasizes love, compassion, and justice, inviting individuals to participate actively in building a world infused with God's grace and mercy.

What does Becoming Catholic Ministry - Order of Christian Initiation look like at Saint Patrick Parish?

Thinking about becoming Catholic, completing Sacraments, or walking with someone as a sponsor?
-Looking to receive Baptism, Holy Communion or Confirmation as an adult?
-Looking to have your child Baptized or receive Communion and the child is older than second grade?
-Are you Baptized Catholic and looking to receive Communion and/or Confirmation?
-Looking to be a Sponsor for someone discerning about Becoming Catholic?

The Becoming Catholic Ministry is what you are looking for! Come join us for a Discovery Session! Discover what Becoming Catholic is all about! We encourage you to bring your questions and your stories. We are here to listen and walk with you on your spiritual journey, just like Jesus walks with each of us every day.

The Becoming Catholic Ministry is for adults, and children older than 2nd grade. During the Becoming Catholic process we discuss many topics related to deepening our relationship with Jesus, understanding the Catholic faith, the mystery of faith at work in our lives and forming participants human, catechetical, and spritual needs. The Becoming Catholic process is a spiritual journey open to the baptized, un-baptized, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. We are always inviting “seekers", intrigued or perhaps just curious about becoming Catholic.

We are inviting those who might be:
People who hunger deep within themselves to come into a better relationship with God through Jesus Christ and His Church.
-People who have been contemplating joining the Catholic Church but have been putting it off for some reason.
-People who have not had the opportunity to complete the Sacraments of Christian Initiation (Baptism, First Eucharist and/or Confirmation).
-People who are already baptized looking to join our Church or finish their Sacraments.
-People who are looking to belong to a faith community.

When does Becoming Catholic begin?

Discovery Sessions are held on an individual basis for those seeking to begin the process, those that have questions in regard to the Catholic faith or those looking to join the Catholic Church. Please contact us to schedule a time. The Becoming Catholic process begins each fall. The journey through the process is a time of continual discernment. Those who complete the process receive all the Sacraments at Easter Vigil. Even though the process may have started, and you are discerning, questioning and considering the Becoming Catholic process, it is never too late. We will accommodate your needs. Discovery Sessions are held year-round. Please contact us with your questions - we'd love to talk with you!

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