Safe Environment Training

Stay Safe, Keep Calm, Get Trained

When the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops published their Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal: Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, each diocese and eparchy became responsible for a series of actions designed to protect God’s children.
These actions include:
- background checks of all adults in ministry with minors
-establishing safe environment training programs for adults, children and youth
- pastoral care for those hurt by the Church
-strict accountability for all of its activities in these endeavors.
The Diocese of Superior embraced the Bishops’ charge. Since the very beginning, diocesan staff have spent countless hours planning, researching, designing, and evaluating programs and guidelines to meet the expectations of the USCCB Charter, but more importantly, to safeguard the children and youth entrusted to the Catholic Church of northwestern Wisconsin.


Resources have been gathered and developed to assist pastors and catechetical leaders of the Diocese of Superior to protect our most precious asset – our children. It is with a strong parish-diocesan partnership that we will clear a safe path for our children to follow to our Lord Jesus Christ

.…Never waiver in your faith that the work you do falls under the shadow of the Almighty. You are hand picked by Him to help His little children (young and old) heal their broken heartedness and to protect them…
cf. Teresa Kettelkamp
Former Executive Director, Secretariat of Child and Youth Protection
US Conference of Catholic Bishops

As of July 24, 2009, all volunteers are required to complete this course when their initial background check is requested or on the renewal of their current background check (once every 5 years).Click on the below link and you will be directed to a page containing the training and questions following each training module. You will need to answer all questions to complete the training. Please allow an hour or more to complete the initial training.  No separate background check or paperwork is needed, everything is done through this online portal.

Important Notes:
-If you were certified on the old format and are just renewing your training, you already have a username and login.  If you do not know your user name and information, please contact Dan Bell (School) or Sally Kunz (Church & YFD).  Then click below on start training and go to the top right corner of the next page and click on Sign In Here.
-If this is your first time going through any training for the Superior Diocese, click on the training link below and then Register for a New Account.
-Every individual needs to train separately with their own username and information.
-Unfortunately, the Diocese of Superior only recognizes this safe environment training – CMG Connect.  Virtus and other safe environment programs are not accepted and volunteers working with youth need to be certified under CMG Connect.