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Summer Newsletter

July 30, 2015

In one month the 2015-2016 school will begin! We have been working hard this summer getting everything ready for the new year.  


I am excited to be able to announce the following hires:

Alicia Naughton will be our Preschool – Junior Kindergarten and 5-8 Grade Music Teacher. Ms. Naughton will also direct our ShamRock Choir and the 7-8 Play. Ms. Naughton is familiar with our school because she has served as a substitute teacher here, many times in the middle school! She comes to us with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education – Choral/General Music Education degree with a minor in Musical Theatre. She is the Auditorium Supervisor at Hudson High School and also serves at the Phipps Center for the Performing Arts. Welcome Ms. Naughton!

Michelle Kamm will be our new school cook. Mrs. Kamm comes to us with years of experience as a Grocery Store Deli Manager, Home Day Care provider, and caterer. Mrs. Kamm has been meeting with Mr. Bell and a few food vendors to plan healthy and delicious lunches for the coming year. Mrs. Kamm has wanted to work as a cook in a Catholic School for many years and is very excited to be joining us. Welcome Mrs. Kamm!  

I am excited to announce our partnership with Futura Language Professionals of the Twin Cities who will provide our school with Spanish instruction. Unfortunately we had no credible applicants for our Spanish position. Futura Language Professionals provides Spanish instruction in a number of private and parochial schools in the Twin Cities. They provide a 1-10 level and Middle School curriculums.  Area public schools are also considering Futura Language for afterschool programs. This agreement was just reached this week, so a teacher has not yet been hired/assigned to our school. I believe that our partnership will strengthen our Spanish program and provide for consistent curriculum and instruction. 

We are moving forward with interviews for a Preschool Teacher and hope to have someone hired in the near future.  

Other Exciting News:

OUR NEW COMPUTERS HAVE ARRIVED!!!  It is exciting to see the Gala Fund-a-Need coming to completion.  Today we also had J.R.’s Advance Recyclers here to recycle our old computers. We did a thorough job of combing through the building to ensure we recycled as much E-Waste as possible!  

Our new phones are up and running in the office and the classroom phones are being installed.  

We are also getting a new Key Card system for the school, because the old system software was not able to be updated or continue to operate. If you had a Key Card for the school (looks like a credit card), it will no longer work. I ask that you return them to the office.

The Maintenance Crew is in the final stage of cleaning and prepping the building for the new school year.  Floors have been waxed, carpets shampooed, and the building cleaned. 

At the end of the year I had many conversations with Mr. M about his classroom and the science items – he even acknowledged that the room needed a good cleaning. We talked about the paintings in the room and the condition of the walls, counter-tops, floor, and storage in the room. When I specifically asked him about the paintings on the wall, Mr. M said that he would expect that the classroom be painted so the new teacher would have a fresh start.  After the end of school the science room was a top priority for the maintenance crew. All equipment was removed from the room and put on 9 tables to be sorted through. Mrs. Parsons (7-8 Science Teacher) and Mrs. Hartnett (5-6 Science Teacher), and then all other teachers, had the opportunity to go through the science materials to use what they needed and re-organize the supplies and equipment. The room was them assessed to see what would need replaced or repaired in regards to the cabinets, counter-tops, and walls. The fish tanks had not been moved for years – but the counter tops held up nicely. There were a few patch jobs that needed to be done on the walls and finally the room was cleaned, re-painted and the floors waxed. The painting was just being finished when we learned of Mr. M’s passing. As staff we reflected on our work in the Science room and remembered what Mr. M. had told us about giving the new teacher a fresh start in “his” classroom. Mr. M. was not a man of many words, but his care and best wishes for the new teacher will always stay with me to know that he was ok with “his” classroom being prepared for a new teacher.       

Many of our new staff have already been in setting up their classrooms and writing lesson plans! This week a number of the staff got together to have a community building workday. The teachers gathered to work on projects while getting to know each other and new staff. It was so wonderful to see our staff laughing, visiting, and talking about the new school year. Three weeks ago we also had a “Summer Staff” meeting where we came together to talk about PBIS (our behavior model), Living the Word (our faith model), and Spirit Families (our community model).  We reviewed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to each of these models here at Saint Patrick School. The teachers then formed committees to work on each model and develop a full-year model of implementation, instruction, lessons, themes, goals, re-teaching, enforcing, activities, assemblies, and anything else to ensure these three student areas are successful this year.  

This summer we have also picked a 5-8th grade English textbook and – with Father Patrick’s assistance – a new 5-8th Grade Religion textbook. We have aligned our K-6th grade spelling program and will be aligning our Preschool – 8th grade writing instruction this year. I had a draft of the schedule, which I shared with teachers for their review and thoughts.  I do this so that they can help find any errors – which they did and adjustments are being made. One area of alignment is our K-4th grade Reading and Math instruction. All K-4 Reading and Math instruction will be in the morning to allow for differentiation between the classrooms and levels.           

Our Middle School Math options will remain the same with Course 1, 2, & 3, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra. Mrs. Weinkam left us with the math level assignments and suggestions for next year. Ms. Carlson (7-8 Grade Math) and Mrs. Lohr (5-6 Grade Math) are working with the textbooks and developing lesson plans.

This coming school year is going to be an exciting year for Saint Patrick School. There is a growing level of excitement, engagement, and a sense of community in our building as teachers and staff work to make this next year great! 

As a reminder, Back to School Day (when students can set up their lockers, meet their teachers, and get their picture taken by LifeTouch) is August 27th from 2:30-7:30pm. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!  

Dan Bell – Principal   

Upcoming Reminders/Calendar

  • 8/27 Back-to-school night, pictures from 2:30 - 7:30 pm
  • 9/1   First day of school, Tuesday


Sunday, August, 2, 2015,
From 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
in the Church Social Hall.
Bring any gently used uniforms that do not fit your children
and exchange for what you need; or donate any unneeded

New to the School?
Don't have any items to exchange?
Come and get what you need and make a free-will donation
to the school.
Any questions, call Sandra Annen at 715-381-9563

Summer School – Summer Blast!

August 17-21, 8:00-11:30am.  A link to the flyer is at the bottom of this Newsletter.

School Supplies

There is a link to the school supply list for next year at the bottom of this Newsletter.


 Schoolkidz direct link is:

Our account # with them is: 94569. You are under no obligation to purchase thru Schoolkidz, but it is only offered as a convenience to you. If you do opt to buy a Schoolkidz kit, those will be available for pick-up at Back to School Night on August 27 

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