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Saint Patrick School Strategic Planning Process


Greetings Families and Friends,
This past Tuesday evening, Saint Patrick Education Committee selected chairpersons to spearhead subcommittees for our Strategic Planning Process. The six (6) subcommittees are:

  • Creating Young Disciples
  • Learning Difference
  • Technology Support for Learning
  • Curriculum and Professional Development
  • Advancement: Marketing, Public Relations, Recruitment and Retention
  • Financial and Facilities Viability

View the draft Strategic Plan on Saint Patrick School website next week to learn more details about the work of each subcommittee.

Chairpersons will select 6-12 persons to serve on their subcommittee. However, chairpersons may invite additional applicants to serve in other roles, such as “readers”, to provide constructive feedback on draft plans generated by subcommittees.

Our goal is to complete subcommittee membership within the next two weeks. Parishioners, school parents or guardians, teachers, staff and stakeholders are invited to apply to Thank you in advance for your support of and commitment to our strategic planning process.

DRAFT - Education Committee, August 2014

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take. (Proverbs 3:5-6) 

A.      A.     Creating Young Disciples

       Vision Statement: The primary mission of Saint Patrick School is to Create Young Disciples, who will embark on a lifelong faith journey

     [Scripture Verse]

1)     Design, adopt and implement Learner Objectives for Creating Young Disciples.

2)     Design, adopt and implement Assessments correlated to Learner Objectives.

3)     Provide Servant Leadership training and engagement for Young Disciples.

4)     Provide opportunities for Young Disciples to learn about Catholic School Teachings.

5)     Provide opportunities for Young Disciples to engage in civic activities as faithful citizens.


B.     Learning Differences

        Vision Statement:  Saint Patrick School is dedicated to welcoming children of all abilities and differences and strives to accommodate the full spectrum of learning differences.

       [Scripture Verse]

1)     Design and Implement a Learning Environment for Accommodating Differences program.

2)     Provide teacher training and ongoing support of Differentiated Instruction & RTI.

3)     Supplement general instruction with Multiple Intelligences learning opportunities.


C.     Technology Support for Learning

        Vision Statement: Saint Patrick School seeks to prepare lifelong learners for the future by inculcating innovative instructional strategies and current best practices in education.


        [Scripture Verse]

1)     Form Technology Committee of parents, teachers, and community members.

2)     Develop a maintenance/services plan.

3)     Assess system servers.

4)     Introduce iPads for student use in Grade 5 during 2nd Semester 2014-15

5)     Replace Sun computers in Computer Lab and Classrooms.

6)     Include a Student Technology Fee with Tuition Statements beginning in 2015-16.


D.    Curriculum and Professional Development

           Vision Statement: Saint Patrick School seeks to prepare lifelong learners for the future by incorporating inventive instructional strategies and by providing teachers with professional development opportunities in order to implement current research and best practices in education.

         [Scripture Verse]

1)     STEM Training will be offered as professional develop opportunities for K-5 teachers.

2)     Design, adopt and implement a cycle for Learner Objectives in all K-8 subjects.

3)     Design, adopt and implement Assessments correlated to Learner Objectives.


E.     Advancement: Marketing, Public Relations, Recruitment and Retention

        Vision Statement

        [Scripture Verse]

1)     Develop and implement a Student/Family Entrance Policy.

2)     Develop an early exit interview process.

3)     Develop periodic parent and former student satisfaction surveys.

4)     Design and adopt a logo for branding Saint Patrick School.

5)     Seek methods of internal and external outreach to publicize Saint Patrick School.

6)     Develop an alumni database and engagement plan.


F.     Financial and Facilities Viability

         Vision Statement

             [Scripture Verse]

1)     Create a school endowment fund.

2)     Engage in grant writing for major projects.

3)     Conduct a Capital Campaign for facilities improvements.

4)     Conduct a Future Facilities Needs Assessment.



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