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      Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports     
Our logo incorporates a shamrock featuring our three school rules on the three leaves with a stem of Personal Excellence.  We believe Personal Excellence is achieved by using our character traits as we follow our three school rules as Disciples of Christ.
Our three school rules are:
  •      Be Respectful
  •      Be Responsible
  •      Be Safe



To achieve this we use a proactive approach.  All students are taught the behavior expectations for all school environments.  Posters are on display throughout the school to remind students, staff, and visitors of expected behaviors.  Character traits are introduced at our Living the Word Prayer Services at the beginning of each month, and are reinforced through our daily messages and prayer.
Your child will hear about “Above the Line” and “Below the Line” behaviors.  Above the line behavior is being respectful, responsible and safe.  Below the line behavior is not being respectful, responsible and safe. 

We expect our students to always strive for above the line behaviors.  Above the line behaviors will sometimes be recognized with a Shamrock Pride slip acknowledging the specific positive behavior that they are exhibiting.  Below the line behaviors offer an opportunity to re-teach expected behaviors to help your child think about his/her actions and develop better decision making skills.



Here’s how you can help us:
  • Talk with your child about the school rules.
  • Ask them how they have been respectful, responsible and safe.
  • Help your child learn from both positive and negative interactions.
  • When you visit our school, help us by modeling above the line behaviors, recognizing above the line behaviors and reminding students when they are falling below the line.

Now we’d like to help you! Find the Family Matrix with examples or use the Family template that follows our school behavior plan that you could use at home.  Fill in the Expected Behaviors column with items that are important in your home.  Reinforce the ideas of being respectful, responsible and safe and celebrate above the line behaviors.  If we work together, we will all have something to celebrate!!


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