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Fr. John Gerritts - February 18, 2018

As you read this I am traveling to visit to our Sister Parish in Guatemala. A group of six left early Friday morning and should arrive at our Sister Parish by Saturday afternoon. One of the first orders of business will be to prepare for the Mass on Sunday when the children will celebrate their First Holy Communion. Because they don’t always have a priest to preside at Mass on Sunday, they decided to schedule First Communion when I would be with them. It is a real treat to be able to celebrate First Communion this year with the children in both our Sister Parish and Saint Patrick Parish.

After the festivities on Sunday, we will get down to work on Monday morning. Monday through Thursday mornings will predominantly be spent working at our clinic. We have a doctor traveling with us who is a longtime friend of mine. At the clinic we have two exam rooms, a pharmacy, and room for eye exams. The conditions at the clinic are very different than here, but then there are also no worries about health insurance. Each person pays the equivalent of about fifteen cents to see the doctor. Prior to seeing the doctor we record their weight, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level. If there is a concern or history of diabetes we will also check their blood sugar level. Once the doctor completes his exam, if they are in need of any medications we provide them with what we can from our pharmacy. Our pharmacy is stocked with medications we bring with us. We are extremely grateful this year to Mickelson’s Pharmacy in downtown Hudson who this year provided us with over $1,200 worth of medications! This will go a long way toward helping many patients.

After a break for lunch we do home visits in the afternoon. This is one of my favorite tasks during the week. The doctor makes a house call and is able to take care of any physical concerns. Then I step in to pray and offer the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. It really gives me an appreciation of God’s healing grace when we are able to combine a visit with a doctor and prayer. I feel a real sense of working together to fix the body and heal the soul. That working together is something that just doesn’t happen here. An added bonus is that with this being my third trip, I am starting to remember some of the people we visit. This year we will miss visiting a man named Felix who we learned died this past year. Our groups would regularly see him. Though he had had both legs amputated, he was always smiling and happy.

After four days of working at the clinic, on Friday we will drive for about nine hours to an orphanage. The orphanage is also run by the same community of Franciscan Sisters who are at our Sister Parish. There are between 40-45 children at the orphanage. Most arrive there when they are infants and will live there until they turn 18. They kids are always glad to see us, especially if our driver will give them a ride in the van around the block. The children attend school at the local public school. This can be difficult at times, for they do experience being made fun of by the other students. Though last year we heard an exciting story – one of the girls from the orphanage was elected what would be our equivalent of homecoming queen. That was good news and offers hope for the future. The kids all have chores at the orphanage and also learn skills like sewing, woodworking, shoe making, art, music, and drama. This will be the longest we have stayed at the orphanage, three nights this year. I know it will be hard to say “good-bye” to the kids and Sisters, but then it will be time to come back and continue the Lenten journey with all of you. 

Knights of Columbus Fish Fry - February 16, March 2 & 23rd 4:30PM

All you can eat menu!

Choose a “Theme” or mix it up

Traditional Fish Fry Theme:


Atlantic Cod (Fried or Baked), Au-gratin Potatoes, Green Beans, Carrots, Coleslaw, Dinner roll, Dessert, Beverage (milk, coffee)


Fish and Chips Theme:

Same as above but with French Fries complete with malt vinegar


Heart Healthy and Gluten Free Theme:


Baked Atlantic Cod, Green Beans, Carrots, Roasted Root Vegetable Medley, Tossed Fancy Salad Greens with Vinaigrette Dressing


Children’s Theme:                     Mac & Cheese  

Beer, Wine, and Fried Cheese Curds available at an additional cost



FridayFebruary 16
6:15 AM That Man is You
8:00 AM  Liturgy of the Word
4:30 PM KC Fish Fry
7:00 PM Stations of the Cross
8:00 PM Movie Night following Fish Fry

~ Saturday, February 17
8:00 AM Dustbusters
9:00 AM Women of Grace
10:00 AM Confessions
5:00 PM Epic
5:00 PM Mass

~ Sunday, February 18
8:30 AM Mass
10:30 AM Mass
7:00 PM Oasis

~ Monday, February 19
8:00 AM Mass
9:00 AM Bakery and Produce Giveaway
11:00 AM Funeral for Margaret "Peg" Kinney
6:00 PM Boy Scouts
8:00 PM Walking with Purpose

~Tuesday, February 20
8:00 AM Liturgy of the Word
8:45 AM Divine Mercy
3:00 PM High School Blood Drive
4:00 PM Extended Food Shelf Hours
6:00 PM Family Rosary

~ Wednesday, February 21
8:00 AM Liturgy of the Word
10:00 AM Liturgy of the Word - CCH
6:00 PM Faith Formation

~Thursday, February 22
6:45 AM Toastmasters
8:00 AM Liturgy of the Word
9:00 AM Math Masters
9:15 AM Bible Study
10:30 AM Liturgy of the Word at Comforts of Home
1:00 PM Quilters
7:00 PM Praise Company Rehearsal

~ Friday, February 23
6:15 AM That Man is You
8:00 AM  Mass at the School

5:30 PM Movie Night
7:00 PM Stations of the Cross

~ Saturday, February 24
8:00 AM Dustbusters
10:00 AM Confessions
11:00 AM Baptism

5:00 PM Mass

~ Sunday, February 25
8:00 AM Pancake Breakfast
8:30 AM Mass

10:30 AM Mass
11:30 AM Baptism
2:00 PM Merit Badge Day
4:00 PM Cub Scout Blue and Gold
7:00 PM Oasis

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